About Us


The Health and Community Guide is an annual publication that aims to provide useful information for everyone living and working in the local area. As well as providing details about steps you can take to make your neighbourhoods and communities better places to live and work, it contains introductory information on a wide range of health and social care issues that might affect you, your family, friends and other members of your community, and summarises services and treatments that are able to provide help and support.


The information and services offered by advertisers may be of interest to you now or in the future, so please feel free to take copies of the guide with you to keep at home or share with friends and family.


The guides are distributed free of charge on a daily basis to patients, visitors and staff attending selected doctors surgeries and health centres around the country for a period of 12 months.


Whilst every effort is made by the publishers to ensure that the information contained in their guides and website is accurate and up to date, readers are advised to consult their GP or talk to another appropriate health professional before taking any action that might have an impact on their health or wellbeing.